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pussy galore or princess fantasapurr
let's face it- we all know mittens is a bitch magnet. and once again i am knee deep in them. of course these here bitches have pointed ears tails and fur coats but still...

" cats like me/ kittens adore me, like, even the ones who never saw me"

so as some know i was angling for a siamese lady. but the siamese rescue had all these hoops to jump through- practically a background check. my landlord is an older gentleman whose wife, who died last year, used to run the properties. i really don't feel comfortable pestering him for a letter. isn't a call good enough? the waltham rescue called him and they got on like wild fire-they ended up chatting to him for awhile. anyway, ive been here 10 freaking years with up to 6 cats - i am hardly jeffy dahlmer or a animal experimentation lab- and considering the floatsom swirling around this neighborhood selling crack to children i am a pretty safe bet for a tenant and pet owner.

if cats sit on their web site for a year it's because people become psycho about placing cats. word- it's a fucking cat not a human child. it does not need play dates or a therapist or clothing( except those icky hairless monstrosities). it would have died an ugly death outside as a feral or been euthanized in a regular shelter. i understand the need for caution and to make sure they can have pets blah blah but some of these rescues go overboard- like that insane one the hysterical ellen degenerate wailed about. the state of massachusetts has less stringent child adoption laws and, in fact, weaker criteria for removing children from abusive homes then some of these crazy cat ladies have more placing some mangy mongrel with one eye , cat AIDS and a limp.

so i tend to respond better to the shelters that call my vet then instantly email me and say-"come with a carrier-NOW!!!"( the added plus of my vet is she's been in my house so knows i can have cats and knows i have ' difficult' ones at that). so i decided it might be like an assortment of tasty candy and loaded 2 carriers in HAL and went off down route 2 West( very nice ride-a couple miles outside cambridge you can see horsies) to Lunenburg to the pat brody shelter for cats.

really nice shelter-they have special buildings and the cats can go outside through flaps to a big enclosed huge series of pens. they have cat trees and pillows and they were quite a nice selection of very very well cared for cats.

instantly a calico flew through the air and landed on my shoulder the minute i entered one of the rooms. and although she was adorable i actually found my siamese lady- who curled up in my lap when i sat on the floor. in fact 5 cats jumped in my lap and we all had a nice petting session. of course she's a black siamese and this picture does not show how lovely she is and how silky her coat is. here name is gidget but i think we'll be changing that. she's from new orleans. they had a van load of cats at the time of the hurricane come up and they're still taking in litters born since.

she's quite young and sweet as can be- she slept on my head last night and like my beloved sylvia groomed me.

i actually originally went to see this lady with the improbable name princess fantasapurr. she looks a lot like persia and she has about the same personality- imperious . large and in charge:

the ferals are beside themsleves with jealousy as they were when i brought prissy home. djinn is miffed. but there will be wee hurt feelings for awhile then they all gang up on me and everything is ok again.

names are requested. i cant call miss thing fantapanta as i am now forever...

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why is it always about pussy with you???

oh i am all about the pussy....

your dogs are cute and i don't dislike dogs-we always had one when i was growing up but i am a leo and ive always wanted to have a lot of cats.

Oooh..dunno why, but when I saw the second picture, I thought: "The Lady Chablis" :)

And maybe Tura for the sleek black one :)

i think you just batted in two runs- of course the princess will still want to be royalty and a lady...

now if i can get the watertownie torties to stop calling her' the Lady Chab-bliss'...

(Deleted comment)
yes but the "icky hairless monstrosities" get funky oil on their skin and need baths all the time because theyre a man made genetic freak...and they need little sweaters....i still say we rub Djinn all over your face until you build up immunities/ tolerance.

what's really weird is i actually had an allergy attack after being in that shelter. i spent a long time there and the cats crawled all over me and i came home and had to take pills before i clawed my eyes out. it's about the first time i had an allergic reaction to cats- and it's all over now. the little one slept on my face all night and i didnt even sneeze so maybe it was something else in the shelter environment i reacted to- i have had reactions to certain bleach based products and they scrub everything with bleach there.

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