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" let's have a war/ give guns to the queers"

don't get me wrong- it was nice to go out after months of both work and nowhere to go...


after a million 'special flowers/ unique snowflakes', old men lamenting their lack of or loss of 20 year old action( wherein other peep's ljs come blazing into reality), what appeared to be opposite sex gerbils making out in various places and positions and the crappy pop music of the 80s laid on a tad too thick-

heterosexuality is the bane of nightlife. to my straight friends- i am sorry. i love you and the problem isn't you. because you're older, in all likelihood, and have some taste and class and respect for yourself and don't tend to act like paris hilton on crack in public you would never be the problem.

the 80s- were gay.

dance music that's good is always derivative of or is or is at least noticed first by - the gay.

clothes that look hot are and fashion in general is- the gay.

most bars that played alternative music in the 80s and didn't play top of the charts mtv fodder were- the gay.

most of the 80s icons festooned on ' heros' flyers are- the gay.

for Sappho's sake, even high goth priestess siouxsie has dumped the chump and come out as a ' cat person' which means even she's- the gay ( but we already knew that no matter that even her fans were in mostly massive denial except, of course, for all the women she used to pick up on tour...).

we want more real dance music and less revisionist pabulum( jim carrol was a so- so hustler- read: the gay- and a horrible pop tart. mary fucking ann is not the best sisters song .the cult? the cult? where's wire? the first place wire played was- you guessed it - the gay bar.)

we want grace jones. we want her NOW.

steel VAGINA

" and i'm talking to myself, talking to myself. talking to myself...":

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I met Grace Jones. She was really friendly, albeit FRIGHTENING looking in person.

yeah- grace is something else all together. a lot of people were/ are frightened of her- period. i remember her being on david letterman and just completely unhinging him by laughing alone.

her musical output is quite extraordinary- really well chosen songs- private life, she's lost control, walking in the rain, warm leatherette, love is the drug-all exceptional dance songs that never get played now. she's the part of the 80s that's of the best that gets shamefully ignored.

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