mr. mittens (akmed) wrote,
mr. mittens

more angry girls and one of the greatest unknown guitarists

lydia lunch just leads to robert quine- nyc punk/ no wave staple. perhaps my favorite guitarist. distraught over his wife's death, he killed himself in 2004. he changed the sound of rock guitar and you probably never heard of him.

most are most likely to know his guitar lead on matthew sweat's ' girlfriend'. i love the commentary about how the version of the song on ' guitar hero' is better. a whole generation with it's head firmly plunged up it's tone deaf ass.

matthew sweat was in a band with michael stipe's sister called oh- ok which i always liked better then rem.

as we descend further into what seems like an unknown degree of seperation from who knows what; mitch easter produced a lot of the athens groups of the day- here's his band:

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