mr. mittens (akmed) wrote,
mr. mittens

i am stretched on your grave

this is a frank o'connor poem- for those of you who know fuck aught about literature that doesn't come in picture form drawn by nerds 3 fries short of the serial killer happy meal. sinead arranged it along fairly traditional lines. (don't fucking mention dead can fucking dance- i despise them.) sinead has reinvented herself and self imploded almost on a yearly basis but she has the chops and the voice.her output has been almost frighteningly uneven and scattershot but that ' i am stretched on your grave' isn't seen as a goth classic is confounding. most traditional celtic music is gothic. it's all about death, baby . we're the children of the goddess of death. we were born over the grave. here, have some of our culture( the album version is quite good but this is all they had that was close on utube):

that the popular music culture that embraces songs about ass raping bitches and routinely puts raging misogyny at the top of the charts heaped scorn on her for tearing up that picture of the last pope-belonged- on-a-rope was the height of smug self satisfied cowardly consumerist hypocrisy. there's something very wrong when a bunch of narcissistic primarily atheists find the need to selectively defend certain religious figures at the expense of their own alleged detachment from religion and at the grave expense of the many many victims of religious witch hunting across the globe and across time. she tore that picture up years before the church as NAMBLA meet and greet center was exposed. that most conflict in most times runs along religious quasi-tribal lines is an obvious that is lost on many people who consider themselves educated and thoughtful. men just don't like seeing 'angry' women that dare object to the status quo wave of destruction that patriarchal societies and religions use to control and destroy people in the act of trying to prove their ultimate falsehood- that they were created specifically by a male god who they are the very image of and are thus entitled to rule ' his' world. the result of trying to belligerently prove what is untrue is misery and destruction.


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