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" i don't wanna/ i don't think so...."
last night i dreamed about kim gordon and siamese cats. i understand the siamese part- i applied to adopt from a siamese cat rescue last week.

as for sonic ' youth'...

i want to believe:

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Heh...you are such a sucker for the blue eyed ones :)

Post pictures when new family member is acquired!

i feeling the need for a bit o' the Meese if you know what i mean. i think that wee black turkish angora needs some siamese style discipline.

nixe actual looks part siamese- she has the same body build and triangle face and some of the classic female siamese ' tude. her sistah is posed to be a love bug-i get to per her now.

i have to ask if i can impose on you to be a reference for me for these cat rescues. i wonder if you would mind?

Sure! Please use me as a reference :)

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