mr. mittens (akmed) wrote,
mr. mittens

yazoo- ode to boy and only you live

one of the greatest voices of the 80s( allison moyet) and entirely negated nowadays and the man who created depeche mode, this band and erasure-some of the most influential dance music of the entire decade( vince clark).

and "state farm" because it was always one of my favorite songs to dance to in the day.

the hits of vince clark are text books for creating electronic dance music that works. you may not know who he is but he changed your life and what you listen to. always popular in the clubs that didn't suck and stolen form mercilessly nowadays with the emo fascination with early 80s electronika. stealing is backhanded selfish appreciation. 'situation' could still fill a floor nearly 20 years after it's release.
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