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1/2 of les ritas mitsouko dead -Fred Chichin

one of my favorite groups of all time not the least of which is because most of their output for international release was in french. 'the no comprendo' was an alternative dance club staple when it was worth going out. quirky, new wavy, punky, campy, gay with a woman who had the pipes and could hit the notes- really rather unfrench considering they as a country tended toward throughly crappy sappy contemporary music.

fred chichin was only 53 and recently diagnosed with cancer. i think it's a great loss. "c'est comme ca" was the video playing on the tv at man ray that last night that reduced me to tears in the corner. it reminded me of the past and of a decades worth of great dance music you never get to hear- but it was that music hardly anyone played then and no one plays now that made me live to go out and dance and to dj. that so many can't appreciate it makes the loss of people like fred more profound.

and now i have to go to fucking southie....


y'a d'la haine

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Oh no! I hadn't heard about this. He always did look like he had one foot in the grave. That's really a shame. I'll have to play something this Tuesday.

he always did look like he had ricketts, didn't he?

it pays not to forget your languages- i haven't seen this reported anywhere anglo. i doubt it will get any play here in america. they were so eclectic and quirky yet so listenable and engaging. 'marcia baila' was one of those epic over 7 minute dance songs only the 80s could produce- like 'the perfect kiss'- and people would dance for all of it...

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