Our Beloved Revolutionary Marxist Sweethearts
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"We also wish to express our solidarity with the three north-americans (sic) captured in the Brinks expropriation. By linking up with your Black comrades and making their struggle your own you have put into practice the Leninist principal...”

- 2/28/82, puerto rican terrorist marxist FALN communiqué praising the stupid, malevolent upper class, blood soaked, cracker terrorists kathy boudin, david gilbert, and marilyn buck for their involvement in the murder of 2 Nyack NY police officers and a guard in the 1981 Brinks armored car ambush and robbery.

kathy boudin, professor at columbia university and suspect in a string of serial bombings, was convicted of murder then paroled over objections from surviving victims of her ‘radical politics’(read; numerous extemely violent interpersonal felonies), the bereaved families, local law enforcement, the then gov. of ny, and the man who prosecuted the brinks case as a US attorney, then NYC mayor rudolph guiliani. buck, like boudin also one of the white girl getaway car drivers , was convicted of other crimes (she has a lengthy record of criminality associated with ‘radical activism’ which is now wikipedia code for ‘ domestic terrorism’) then released on a pardon engineered by eric holder and signed by barry obama.( shortly thereafter she died from cancer or, one assumes, today she’d also be a professor at a prestigious murderous felon loving university. ). gilbert, who refused to participate in his own defense, remains behind bars.

how many damaged, self-dramatizing little white girls can be ginned up to be involved in terrorist bombings, armed robbery and the murder of police officers ? so distraught over american society’s inequities, and so dedicated to civil rights? quite a few, apparently. a lot of marxist-leninist hippie girls were just crawling out of their filthy white privileged oppressor skin. and the only cure for that degree of self-loathing, anger at mummsie and daddy, and guilt is to make bombs, stock pile automatic weapons, partake in violent armed robberies, and kill random people. they asked themselves ,”what would che do?” and then they did it.(although che would have killed any queers about and distanced himself from black people whom he thought of as lazy savages . because he was a racist douche bag and cold blooded murderer.)

i would have thought killing yourself would be more to the point-after giving away all your money to the oppressed, of course. because, you know, of the Leninist principle. one less grafted snake. one less stupid white girl breeding oppressor pig demons. or , conversely, one less self -loathing screwed up white chick to scam free pussy and weapons off of . one less nearly middle aged lily white human shield to set up ‘the pigs’ for execution.

convicted murderer and suspected serial bomber kathy boudin, her bf gilbert, and another civil rights champion(that is: a convicted murderer/terrorist), judith clark, were all captured while trying to flee from the Nyack roadblock where they were responsible for and eventually convicted of the murders of Sgt.Edward O’Grady and Police Officer Waverly Brown. still another white girl getaway car was piloted by susan rosenberg- although charges were not pursued in her case after she was convicted and sentenced to 58 years on weapons and explosives charges associated with her 1984 capture. (she was considered a fugitive from justice over the brinks ambush, robbery, and murders.)

“Susan Rosenberg, who was also at the Nanuet robbery, was captured in 1984 as she and a man named Timothy Blunk were in the process of moving approximately 600 pounds of explosives into a storage facility in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. Among the cache of explosives was approximately 100 pounds of dynamite stolen in Texas in 1980. Dynamite from that same theft was used by the FALN in bombs placed in New York on New Years Eve, 1982, that seriously injured three New York City police officers.”

other weather underground/black liberation army/communist terrorist caches of weapons from this period were found unattended and forgotten, damaged and combustable , free to be discovered by anyone. a tragedy waiting to happen averted.

rosenberg only served 16 years of those 58 years when she was pardoned in 2001 by billy ‘blow job’ clinton on his last days in office. the DOJ point man for clinton’s flurry of pardons, including that of rosenberg (and her fellow unrepentant weather underground honkey marxist muppet linda evans), was eric holder. in 1999, also with holder as the go to in the DOJ, clinton had commuted the sentences of 16 members of the communist terrorist group FALN(Fuerzas Armadas de Liberación Nacional /Armed Forces of National Liberation) even though none of them had asked for it. FALN had claimed responsibility for over 130 bombing incidents in the us which caused 6 deaths ,”the maiming of dozens”(84), and at least a million dollars in property damage. the FALN felons were serving time for conspiracy and sedition. to this day no one has been charged with any of the over 100 bombing incidents FALN claimed responsibility for. no one has been charged with the murder of the 6 human beings they killed with their ‘freedom fighter’ bombs of liberation.

our current attorney general was the architect of what has been referred to as “Pardongate”- the en masse pardoning and commutations by billy blow job of numerous convicted domestic terrorists- all of whom happen to have been murderous marxists-particularly white skinned murderous marxists who helped black marxist terrorists and outright criminals like the black panthers and the black liberation army ‘off the pigs’ and amass arsenals of weapons. congress passed a resolution condemning these commutations, setting up an investigation. the white house and eric holder refused to let the FBI or US Attorney’s office (both of which opposed the FALN commutations) testify in these hearings. chirp chirpy cricket time thereafter. another injustice forgotten; another set of terrorists set loose on the american population, their original targets.

convicted murderer david gilbert, eric holder, barack obama =graduates of columbia university.

the basis for the commie cracker wing of the black panther/black liberation army aka the weather underground (being bernadine “fork” dohrn , john “jj/cancer kills radicals-be like cancer!” jacobs, and mark ”hidden pro-violence communist terrorist/anonymous math teacher” rudd) which emerged out of and took over the students for a democratic society- coalesced around columbia university before re-locating to chicago. it should come as no surprise that columbia university would, without a shred of shame nor a smidgen of decency, therefore award the likes of weather underground terrorist, convicted murderer, and suspected serial bomber kathy boudin professorial laurels. malignant narcissists awarding their own kind spoils for, in essence, murdering police officers; murders now forgotten by the public-at-large when not willfully hidden and ‘whitewashed’ by the media and academics. wikipedia refers to nearly every one of the caucasian convicted brinks murderers and avowed terrorists as merely ‘radical activists’. they all still refer to themselves (outside of parole hearings, of course) as ‘political prisoners’ not convicted murderers and suspected serial bombers.

the families and supporters of these pardoned , paroled, and richly rewarded criminals even feel compelled to heap scorn upon the families of those who were murdered-scolding them for being haters , for not forgiving largely unrepentant murderers. the violent fascist politics of not one of these freed white she vermin can be said to have changed. as if being angry for the fact that kathy boudin and her band of morally depraved, drug soaked death moppets largely escaped serious, adequate consequences for their deadly felonious acts is a far greater crime than amassing assault weapons,ambushing armored cars, and “icing” cops trying heroically- at the cost of their own lives- to protect the public.

how dare the children whose fathers were gunned down with automatic weapons by morally retarded sociopaths express an opinion about Our Sainted Revolutionary Marxist Professorial Sweethearts?

"I never believed in my heart Clinton would do this. After Oklahoma City, how could you pardon anybody who was caught in this country with weapons of mass destruction?”-widow of a victim of the weather underdouches on blow job clinton’s last minute pardon of marxist terrorists susan rosenberg and linda evans.

convicted felon , suspected murderer, suspected armed robber, suspected serial bombing terrorist susan rosenberg, upon being pardoned by clinton, taught ‘literature’ at (cue howls of derisive laughter) john jay college of criminal justice. bum rushed out of there on a rail, hamilton college was to be her next destination but a shit storm of protest erupted within the school itself forcing a retreat not by the school, which stood behind hiring not just a convicted terrorist but a convicted terrorist who had inadequate credentials, but by rosenberg herself. she withdrew from the offer.

"Perhaps if Hitler were alive, he could get a job here, too, so that he could offer us his 'unique perspective' on German history as 'a writer and an activist.’”-Robert Paquette, history professor, hamilton college on convicted terrorist felon susan rosenberg.

convicted terrorist bomber, gun runner, co-conspirator in 2 armed robberies/murders including the 1981 brinks job , marxist revolutionary, and feloniously bad poet(opps, i meant to say :’warrior-poet’) marilyn buck served 25 years of her 80 year prison sentence. defense lawyer of the marxist cop killer stars, soffiyah elijah (deputy director of the criminal justice institute at harvard law school),agitated for buck’s parole the entire length of (W) bush’s terms in office but was denied. a nano second after harvard law grad and constitutional scholar barry obama assumed the office of POTUS, dragging Marxist Cop Killer Pardon Specialist eric holder behind him, buck was released. she was offered a job, of course, as a teaching assistant at the university of california at santa barbara but cancer ‘maximized the contradictions’, and killed her within a month . far out. break out the forks.

convicted murderer judith clark is still incarcerated, serving a 75 year to life sentence for her involvement with kathy boudin, marilyn buck, and susan rosenberg in the 1981 brinks armored car robbery. the election and no doubt re-election of barry obama has increased her presence in the media as lobbying for her release is aggressively perused. no doubt her credentials as a communist cop killer and sociopath will land her a job instantly in the morally relativist halls of academe with the rest of the murderous bomb building marxist white tarts of the revolution.

how is what kathy boudin, david gilbert, judith clark, susan rosenberg, linda evans, and marilyn buck did any different than what the manson girls did- namely be involved in the murder of other human beings likewise referred to as ‘pigs’? the convicted manson girls all originally were sentenced to death. not one of charley’s harem of drug addled hippie door mats, however, has been paroled (even though provably it was tex watson that did the actual killing), let alone handed a cushy professor gig that openly displays how very much they should never have been granted parole .

if the powers that be were not so beholden to the marxist politics of the weather underground, black panthers, black liberation army, FALN, etc, our revolutionary marxist sweethearts would be,like the manson girls, rotting in prison. the penalty for treason used to be death for a reason. the reason is the likes of barry obama and eric holder having power over the Rule of Law and the justice system.

the criminal marxists have taken over the asylum- releasing their aged and pathetic shock troops (but, curiously, only the white ones). woe to the last of the republic.

heaven (is a place where nothing ever happens)
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“Heidi Peterson, a San Diego pastry chef, had her eye on a commercial-size blender and was trying to ignore rumors that it had been used to mix the deadly applesauce.”

- ‘heaven’s gate items sold’, ben fox, associated press, november 20, 1999 on the auction of the belongings in the house where 39 members of the Heaven’s Gate ”Away Team” committed mass suicide by ingesting apple sauce and vodka laced with barbiturates.

only in fucking america- pop religion, the fatal candy colored kool aid of the masses, meets the searing, ghoulish tragedy of others- which always sells like sexy, irresistible hot cakes. who the hell (who is also not completely screwed up morally and psychologically) would want the goddamn bunk beds these lost, manipulated people died upon?

“Shawn Brennan, a salesman from Orange, said he plans to put the bunkbed he bought in a guest room.
‘I think it will make a good conversation piece when people stay over,’ he said.”

oh, yeah, shawn’s a thinker- a fucking golden tongued philosopher- known for his unparalleled witticisms, insights, and fancies - and such a gracious host. and save when hale-bopp makes it’s return engagement (circa 4385), i’d just say no to chef heidi’s applesauce.

23 march 1997 on the closest approach of the comet hale-bopp to the earth, members of the Heaven’s Gate ‘UFO cult’ begin committing suicide in a rented mansion in rancho sante fe, ca. they believed an alien space ship was following behind the comet- hale-bopp being their sign to ‘leave the earth’ by ‘shedding their containers’ in order to be received into the ‘kingdom of heaven’ before the apocalypse. a former cult member will find their bodies on march 26.

among those who took their own life is the brother of star trek’s Nichelle Nichols aka Lt. Uhura.

the official web site of Heaven’s Gate is still maintained although it has not been updated since the suicides. 2 humans are tasked with taking care of the site and media left behind by ‘the Group’ but have commented that they receive very few request for the materials.


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Obama pharoa2

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best holiday song... ever
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not work safe-not child safe-extremely bad language and probably in incredibly bad bad taste.( but as if thoughtless, reactive pointless consumerism instead of a religious ceremony with a real spiritual dimension is not also likewise- and perhaps simply beyond bad taste into being morally, spiritually compromised a situation far more hazardous to one's soul.)

you are being lied to.
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happy birthday Pedro Almodovar
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the best living director of women.

Harold Lane "Hal" David May 25, 1921 – September 1, 2012
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"Hal David, who along with partner Burt Bacharach penned dozens of timeless songs for movies, television and a variety of recording artists in the 1960s and beyond, has died. He was 91.
David died of complications from a stroke Saturday morning in Los Angeles..."


one of my favorite songs-ever-by one of my favorite female vocalists who exhibits one of the most unique senses of timing of any singer. amazing power, control and restraint. dionne warwick 'eastwooding' a whole bunch of empty chairs- this clip now enters my pantheon of drag numbers that have to be performed and preserved for later generations. what's even more supreme and beyond being one of the Legendary Children? i don't know, but dionne warwick is she:

walk on by/ dionne warwick 1964

noted Doors cover band:

walk on by/ the stranglers 1978

RIP laura nyro, another great american song writer and our sistah still largely ignored and outrageously not given her due. finally inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame april 2012:


frankie goes to hollywood/ san jose?(the way) 1984

ethyl meatplow/close to you 1993

close to you/ Josefine Cronholm ( from the film MirrorMask) 2005

another phenomenal singer- her version of heard it through the grapevine owns. knight is a mormon.she currently directs a popular mormon gospel choir, saints unified voices.

gladys knight and the pips/ the look of love 1968

sandy shaw/ always something there to remind me 1965

from xena- Jay Laga'aia/always something there to remind me 1999

bomb the bass/ i say a little prayer 1988

aretha franklin/ i say a little prayer for you 1968

and one truly terrible, sexist set of hal david lyrics-subverted into scathing performance art by kd lang. i never liked kd lang much but this is genius:

don't be a douche, win a prize
tesla 2
"It seemed I couldn’t get press on my album unless I was willing to play into the role that the mainstream press has assigned to gay people, which is as servants of straight ideals." - ruPaul

ok it might not work but why not-in my birthday tradition of giving a gift to someone else- get some free music? all you have to do is not be a douche bag and say you'd like this set of music. steve jobs' cultette fanboys say the itunes code is still good -it might not be or some of the songs might not be- but what the fuck!-it's free and all you have to be is not a douche.

that's it- all you have to be is not a douche bag, specifically not a gay conservative one who runs other gheys off their site because, well, i don't know why really. because they were listening to lying christian right wing straight biddies with nothing better to do than demonize and hunt the gheys and witches or something? i couldn't say, i wouldn't know.

at the bottom of this post will be a list of songs- if you'd like this set- just say so and i'll send you via email the redemption code. (no promises- it may not work. apple claims it will...)

maybe i am being harsh but it's a reflection of how i was treated. maybe it's just intermittent douche baggery caused by heavens knows of someone who really isn't a douche but impaired or misinformed or having a bad day. everyone has the right to put whatever-or remove whatever- they want on their blog. about that i have no disagreement. however, i was paying a premium to use this site, did not behave in a rude or abusive manner to anyone, and was ruthlessly censored while those who had lied about me were given free reign. i was not the only paying customer this happened to. of course, i cancelled my membership and moved on to a site run by straight christians who have never once blocked or censored anything i have submitted. imagine-gay pagan run off itsy bitsy gay conservative plantation (population: perhaps 10)while being allowed to stay with no restrictions on conservative primarily christian blog.

that's a special kind of what the fuck. gay people cannibalizing gay people at the behest of heterosexuals is so, like, auntie bruce ( the gay version of to uncle tom? i don't know- what is the catch-all gay/queer name of today? they all seem to name their gaybies and dogs 'dylan' is all i can make out).

maybe it's not a queer on queer thing after all. maybe it's gender specific a la old skool the mens hate or are indifferent toward the wimmins and the wimmins hate or are indifferent to the mens. and both sides find gender ambiguity and trans people threatening.possibility. however, since my demonization was started by self professed religious people claiming i was acting out sexually (anyone who knows me knows this is patently absurd. i generally find no one sexually appealing.), i'd say at first it was gender specific focused on stereotypes about gay males.

or maybe it's just that i am a real feminist and i shouldn't be one. and while i do not attack specific individuals about their religious views in general and certainly not on other people's websites, i refuse to suppress my opinion (when it is asked or in the proper context) that i think the oppression of women and by proxy queer people descends from patriarchal religions. i refuse to suppress my religious beliefs- being a goddess worshipping pagan- while other are free to opine endlessly about their own beliefs. i don't troll for sex on political or social websites nor will i remain silent while others say the most vicious and disgustingly prejudiced things about other humans thinking they can and should get away with being so uncivil merely because they profess to be christian- so all their sometimes hateful opinions and abusive behaviors( not to mention their rather revealing and disturbing obsession with the mechanics of gay sex) are Truth from god no one dare comment upon.

personally, i learned all about feminism and patriarchy from my uncle. i am a feminist because of my fabulous drag queen auntie - the "real" women i grew up with might as well have been stepford wives. i was pretty much raised by someone very much like rupaul, a queer uncle who taught me to revere the feminine:

" I think they are redefining what femininity is, but I still think there is a lot of negativity associated with true femininity. Do boys wear eyeliner and dress in skinny jeans now? Yes, they do. But it’s still a heavily patriarchal culture and you never see two men in Star magazine, or the Queer Eye guys at a premiere, the way you see Ellen and her girlfriend—where they are all, ‘Oh, look how cute’—without a negative connotation to it. There is a definite prejudice towards men who use femininity as part of their palate; their emotional palate, their physical palate. Is that changing? It’s changing in ways that don’t advance the cause of femininity. I’m not talking frilly-laced pink things or Hello Kitty stuff. I’m talking about goddess energy, intuition and feelings. That is still under attack, and it has gotten worse. That’s why you wouldn’t get someone covering the RuPaul album, or why they say people aren’t tuning into the Katie Couric show. Sure, they can say ‘Oh, RuPaul’s album sucks’ and ‘Katie Couric is awful’; but that’s not really true. It’s about what our culture finds important, and what’s important are things that support patriarchal power. The only feminine thing supported in this struggle is Pamela Anderson and Jessica Simpson, things that support our patriarchal culture."-ruPaul

but this all speculation about something that happened some time ago- hence the orphaned itunes music mix with no where to call home.

want it? just ask. but most importantly listen. without prejudice.

pagan love song/annette hanshaw
nothing but a heartache/the flirtations
destroy everything you touch/ladytron
black silk stockings/ krisma
lovely on the water/ steeleye span
quiet joys of brotherhood/ sandy denny (to the tune of "my lagan love")
orphée et eurydice: j'ai perdu mon eurydice/ maria callas
metal postcard(john peel session 1977)/ siouxsie and the banshees
2 von millionen von sternen/2raumwohnung
celebrity skin/hole
ding ding dong/les rita mitsouko
deceptacon/le tigre
crazy man michael/ fairport convention
sally go round the roses/ the jaynettes
tomorrow, wendy/concrete blonde
l'instant x/ mylène farmer
i walk on guilded splinters/ cher ( fucking word- cher does dr. john.)
want more, need less/curve
dance with me/ nouvelle vague
song to the siren/ this mortal coil
everybody knows/ concrete blonde
times square/marianne faithfull

dance with me...
tesla 2
it's my unbirthday and all i want is for you to dance with me:

(and if you can name the band this is a cover of without looking it up, i'll buy you a drink.)

nouvelle vague/dance with me

more "ritual fertility...". and if you can define "parthenogenesis", another drink for you or, better yet, we'll cage drinks off the patriarchal oppressors of the Book, whatever their gender.


"we are no monsters/ we're moral people". people of the book who molest children and oppress women and gheys are not moral people.

kerosene/ big black

oh hell why not:

jordan,minnesota/ big black

really, this- all of it- i want to dance to.

stigmata (12 inch remix)/ ministry

"the only truth i know/ is the look in your eyes"

black phantom/fukkk offf

rain of blood/ die form

"take what you need to turn you on". i'm paraphrasing someone else but in the future they will build temples to this woman:

kiss them for me/siouxsie and the banshees

"now, you're the prettiest by far"

androgyny/ garbage

"falling in your arms..."

swimming horses/siouxsie and the banshees

satellite of love/lou reed

wreath of barbs/ wumpscut

jaguar/dj rolando

(and, yes, this song can still make me cry. one of the most perfect dance songs ever recorded-all 10 + minutes). boy night. dragon lady.thursday at the 1270.

ahh, the minogue's appealing miniature ways:

Can't Get You Out Of My Head/Kylie Minogue

take the name literally. well, back in the day anyway. unlike red lizzie warren, an actual native american.

never say never/romeo void


splayed out/coked out on the floor in the booth at sporters,crying for the love of this song. good times!

got a love for you/jomanda

i don't think you can handle this ( and it's nirvana that used the real strippers. it's about the realness):

smells like booty/ nirvana vs. destiny's child

the original version of fischerspooner's emerge is blocked- because some companies are right cunts.

Fischerspooner - Emerge from Jon Kane on Vimeo.

they were tuesday boy night regulars in the day. all this just seems to mean- i want another boy night at axis for my birthday. or a thursday night at the 12 with linda lawrence.

hire a bird/ think tree

but with more funk of course.

thank you falettinme be mice elf agin/sly and the family stone


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